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Instructions and Tips:

  1. Make sure the LINK is correct.
    Copy it from the "Location" field in your browser.
    Links with embedded affiliate ID will NOT be used. All links will be tested.
  2. BEWARE of "shrouded" links:
    these are links that 'hide' the real link. If you arrive at a page located in, or other "portal" web sites which incorporate frames, be sure to escape from the frames to get the 'real' URL.
  3. Specific Pages ONLY
    link to individual articles on a specific site ONLY. Do not use the main site's entry page. If the site is a "Resources" site with lists of links, make sure you select "Resources" items in "Title" or "Topic" fields above.
  4. Make it Clear and Concise:
    Describe the destination so the reader will have a clear idea of where the link will lead. The link MUST take you to the content item described.
  5. INCLUDE Contact Info:
    Make every effort to locate and document the author or owner of the site. Supply author email address (Sometimes we have to contact the site owner) -- but if you cannot locate it, be sure to note that at the end of the article.
    EMAIL ADDRESSES WILL BE TESTED: improper, dead or automated robot email addresses will cancel this submission.
  6. No associate pages, spam pages or shopping cart pages. (Don't post just to drive traffic to your affiliate link farm!
  7. Granting Permissions : any graphics you include with your article must be YOUR property, and must be accompanied by YOUR copyright claim. By virtue of posting, you grant us permission to reproduce any graphics, photographs or art included with the article.
  8. By making the submission, and clicking the submit button, you are granting full non-exclusive rights and permissions to publish the submitted content in Graphic Design Network affiliated sites either as a link to the actual article on your site, by use of iframe or excerpted article and graphics posted in a new page in our site. The original author retains all copyright ownership.

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