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The Artist's Channel

Artist's Videos Needed for Growing Demand

TV for artists"The Artist's Channel" is a television channel watched on the computer via the internet that contains more than 100 hours of art instruction videos covering topics ranging from basic to advanced techniques in drawing, watercolor, oils, acrylics, pastels, colored pencils, printmaking and a number of other areas. Currently featured artists include Janet Walsh, Eric Wiegardt, Zoltan Szabo, Ellen Fountain, Johnnie Liliedahl, Jan Kunz, Michael Britton, Tony van Hasselt and many more.

In addition, the channel offers profiles of contemporary artists. The channel can be sampled with a FREE TRIAL. To watch, you need a recent Windows or Mac computer, and a broadband internet connection (such as cable modem, DSL or typical office network).

The channel is watched by hundreds of subscribers who pay monthly to view over 600 individual segments. All the videos are available all the time on the channel, on a video-on-demand basis. In addition to individual subscribers, school art classes are now using the channel for in-class instruction and independent study.

drawing figuresDue to the popularity of the channel among art enthusiasts, New Century Television, the channel's producer, is seeking submissions of art instruction videos from all possible sources. New Century Television is looking for videos on all art instruction topics, including, drawing, perspective, techniques in watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels, colored pencil, printmaking, pen and ink, papermaking, sculpture, pottery, and other fine arts.

If you have produced a video, or if you know of an artist who has, please get in touch with New Century Television right away. Generally, New Century Television is looking for videos of high quality where the processes are clearly shown, well-explained, and the artist on camera is knowledgeable and a good teacher. This doesn't mean the videos need to be high-level productions, but rather, well-conceived and presented to be effective learning tools.

New Century Television is also interested in profiles and documentaries about well-known and up-and-coming contemporary artists, as well as videos about famous artists, art styles and art history to add to the channel in the coming months.

New Century Television licenses titles from the video's owner on a non-exclusive basis, and include a link from each segment to the video producer's website, where our viewers can buy the title directly from the video's producer. New Century Television streams the video titles, not downloads them, so the end viewer never possesses a copy of the title. This is the best way to protect from unwanted copying, and keeps the title secure.

You can contact New Century Television by calling 215-860-5662 (or toll-free at 866-214-0543 ext. 8286) with information about video titles New Century Television might be interested in licensing.

Some of the celebrities you'll meet...
* Ellen Fountain's Water Color Gallery
* Janet Walsh
* Eric Wiegardt Original Paintings
* Johnnie Liliedahl Gallery of Paintings

For a FREE TRIAL, go to and select "The Artist's Channel."

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