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The Design Center is all about the creative visual experience between graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, web designers and others in the visual arts, printing, publishing and design fields.
      Newbies are always welcome, and there are no stupid questions -- but the most important ingredient is you. Without you there's nothing to talk about, and no one to talk with. See this month's topic and join in...

Field Trip: Designing Women 2009

Each year we discover some pretty special ladies, and this year we introduce you to Susan Kare the original Icon Queen; Karen D'Amico with a European flare ; well rounded Jennifer Duarte and Allison Foltz Milmoe for some distinctly dexterous with typography! We think you'll really like this year's
Designing Women Designing Women field trip! (Part 1)
Designing Women Designing Women field trip! (Part 2)

February: Black History

Black HistoryIn honor of Black History Month we take this fun and educational field trip to visit the leading archives and prestigious educational institutions to discover more wonderful visual art works by African American Artists & Designers.

Logos look like logos that look like logos

Logos look like logos that look like logos by Fred Showker with all the talk about logos going around the internet, Fred places his tongue firmly in cheek and takes a loving look at logo look-a-likes, logo spoofs, logos that look like logos, logo rip-offs, and even has the audacity to preview his own new logo concept... logos that look like logos?

Designers share their BEST finds for 2008

DTG Magazine SURVEY We asked professionals in Graphic Design Groups on LinkedIn to share their favorite or best discoveries during 2008. From over 100 responses, these dozen will take you to some pretty good stuff. What was in your tool box in 2008? Designers share their BEST finds for 2008

If you only had ONE FONT

If you only had one font, what would it be? DTG went into Fred's LinkedIN network and asked this question: "If you could have only one font, which would it be and why?" These are just some of the responses we got. Some are thoughtful, some are crazy, all are enjoyable to read ... If you only had ONE FONT

Designers tell their stories: Fonts & Type?

Creative Networking   For our Fall Fonts Festival we asked DTG readers to share some of their own personal insights into finding and using fonts. This is a particularly good group of submissions -- all of which win prizes -- on the overall genre of Fonts: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Peter Max: Living Legend

Peter Max When I learned about the latest Peter Max poster, I couldn't resist chasing down the source of this living legend. Even if you weren't around during the '60s and '70s, the lively vibrance of his art transcends all ages and backgrounds. It's just fresh and invigorating! I think you'll like it! Peter Max


Hugo Awards See some spectacular graphics and art at the HUGOs. The aim of the challenge is to give designers, illustrators and photographers the chance to show the world their abilities by the creation of a stunning tribute to the iconic HUGO Man bottle ... and there's still time for you to enter and win $500 at HUGO Create Awards

Designing Women 2008 Part 2

Designing Women ... This month, Janet, Maryvonne, Becky and Christina join us in the April Creative Net to share their brief vision -- and a glimpse at their work. But don't worry, their links are included and you're in for some spectacular eye-candy... I guarantee you'll enjoy Designing Women, 2008

Designing Women 2008

Designing Women ... come along and visit professional women web designers & developers, who have taken their time to contribute to the Design Center -- featuring Judy Ariel Thomas, Kasey Robinson and Deborah Pang Davis in Designing Women, 2008

Designing Women: Contemporary Native

Patricia (Trish) R. Schaefer PART TWO of this month's entry features Patricia (Trish) R. Schaefer, a Native American, who shares her story of what it's like to grow up on a reservation in South Dakota -- and to become a design professional! Designing Women: Contemporary Native

Designers "BEST" & WORST products from 2007

BEST Here are the final entries into the theme "BEST" -- and as an added bonus, we learn about some of the BEST web sites, and at least one WORST. favorites from 2007.

Designers Share "BEST" products & the Holidays

BESTThis month designers reflect on holiday design and cite Vectormagic Vector your Raster images online; for sending huge files online and Camtasia by TechSmith video screen capture as among the favorites from 2007.

Designers tell their stories: What do you do?

Creative Networking   DTG quite frequently receives email and inquiries from readers or students asking
  what it's like to be a designer, or to be involved in the creative field.
  So, we decided to go out there and let those in the field share their experiences
  in this continuing series

In this month's edition, Linda says: "Today, Designers have to deal with many jobs" ... Mike says: "The tough challenge is when clients don't communicate", and Isaiah seems to have the perfect graphic design job using his skills to help children learn!
Read them all in this edition of Designers share insights into their jobs...

Growling Gut Instincts

Stacey DyerStacey Dyer, TripleFrog LLC, picked up on our several articles in our business department and relates her frustrations with employment in the graphic design field. It began with a need to make some changes and ended in a lesson On Changing Jobs & Email Etiquette

Designers talk about Freelancing

freelancingSooner or later where there are graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, or other creative practitioners, question always come up: how much to charge, how to get new work, should I broker printing, where should I go for help? Designers talk about freelancing

Essential tips for Freelancers

Lori Leach-ForsterFollowing our series of tips and advice for freelancing, we discovered one listee excelling in the field of web design, with this important advice, and a delightful web site and blog to back it up. Here, Lori Leach-Forster shares her Tips For Freelancing.

Designing Women... revisited

Designing Women ... come along and visit professional women web designers & developers, the Nerd Girls, Nervy Girls and Guerrilla Girls -- along with Women in the Military; Women in Enterprise & Society and the world of Distinguished Women, in celebration of Women's History Month

Fonts Festival: Designers talk about Type & Fonts

FontsFor our 12th Annual Fonts Festival, we asked readers in the Design Cafe to reflect on type, typography, fonts or lettering. We struck a fine chord and have an excellent line-up of comments, tips and goodies for... The Fonts Festival.

Visiting Digital Photographers

Click Here Capturing Life's Memorable Moments - visit Kevin O'Connell freelance photographer from N.Y., who finds his creativity in restoration and retouching with Photoshop.
Click Here Visions of Dubai - Pal Singh, professional print designer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates brings some unusual "Digital Photography" views of Dubai.
Click Here Particular Visions - Cile Bailey, professional photographer from Louisiana says "..Look who's watching!"
Click Here There's A Fog Upon The Lake - Beth Rogers, freelance designer and photographer, takes us outdoors for some Alabama scenery

Field Trip: "The Artist's Channel"

ARTVisit this television channel on your computer via the internet with more than 100 hours of art instruction like drawing, watercolor, oils, acrylics, pastels, colored pencils, printmaking and a number of other areas. Get instruction from top artists like Janet Walsh, Eric Wiegardt, Ellen Fountain, Johnnie Liliedahl and others on the "The Artist's Channel".

Gallery Show: Lettering as Image ~ Image as Lettering

On the evening of Thursday April 6, LA's design glitteratti pursued by persistent paparazzi turned out in fine form to celebrate the opening of a very special exhibition that some thought would never take place. (Includes slide show) ... come along to Harold's Gallery - Lettering as Image ~ Image as Lettering

April: Color Palettes for Spring

During March we invited readers of the Design Cafe list and DTG readers to share a comment or suggestion about color palettes they like for Spring. Here find a bouquet of color -- including some insightful color definitions... The Color of Spring.

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