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Creative Latitude

Creative Latitude Creative Latitude founder Catherine claims the idea started as a way for a couple of designers to get better visibility for their sites. But when you pitch an idea with Catherine, you'd better watch out. If she likes it, you're off and running. Through more discussions in the forum, the concept began to evolve. The rest is history.

Creative Latitude is about promotion and education. The site and its impressive array of contributors is positioned to find ways to educate people about the creative process and what it offers the business world. For those imaginative souls who are called 'creatives', the site provides a bit of promotion and networking with the like-minded.

Creative Latitude is completely volunteer-based and is managed by Catherine along with Neil Tortorella of North Canton, Ohio, USA, and Nigel Gordijk of Brighton, England. Together they've managed to attract some of the biggest guns in the graphic design and marketing fields.

Expect to see such titles as "About Writing" with Chuck Green, and "How the Creative Process Works" from Derald Schultz.

Other favorites include:

When you visit Creative Latitude, you can expect to schmooze with any of over 100 members (lovingly referred to as Latitudians,) from all over the world in such disciplines as Creative development & Consultation, Illustration, Multi-media advertsing, Project Management, Graphic Design & Art Direction, Interactive design & Production, Print Management, Writing, Photography, Marketing consultation, and Production services for print and new media, Television and Radio advertising. It spans the globe with members from India, Greece, Italy, Puerto Rico, Canada, Iceland, the United Kingdom, and U.S.A.

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