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Have you submitted your portfolio yet? Our Designing Women feature happens each year in March and April, in honor of Women's History Month! We invite your comments


... this month's designers show their talents

These are selected discoveries from the submissions of DTG readers, and participants in the Design Cafe Forums. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did...

On logos: Less is more

Janet writes:
      "On designing logos, it's easy to get caught up, carried away, frustrated, stressed, etc, etc, etc when working out a design for a client. When this happens to me, I say to myself "less is more" and I end up creating the perfect logo. Sometimes, simple design is better."

Janet does some wonderful cartooning -- and she has a real talent for building mood and tone in her illustrations!
[END QUOTE] Janet is a graphic Illustrator from Santa Cruz, California

I love the challenge...

Maryvonne writes:
      "Using Adobe Photoshop, I select a blank "canvas", then select a brush of my choice and start painting freehand with my mouse. I have learned to control my mouse even though it may want to go left when I want it to go right. But, I don't give up. I love a challenge.
My platform is Windows XP and my favorite software is anything Adobe."
[END QUOTE] Maryvonne is a graphic Illustrator from Orangevale, Califronia Wildwings

Have faith in yourself and your work

Becky writes:
      "I know the entire Adobe CS3, Lightwave, Filemaker, old fashioned illustration, photography and design. I have around ten years of professional experience. I know that people will always under estimate you before they have any faith in you. I know that there is a weight requirement for some graphic jobs (but thankfully not all). I know you must have a sense of humor and not be too serious about anything.
You should learn to have faith in your self and your work. Learn to forgive those who have underestimated you and tried to put you aside. Learn the basics and never forget them. Learn to unlearn and learn again. Learn to have fun in all situations and keep an open mind!

Computer Platform is on Mac (was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be) Favorite Software is Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop & Lightwave"
[END QUOTE] Becky is a graphic Illustrator from Mesa, AZ

Keep designing happy!

Christina writes:
      "I have been in the printing industry for more than nine years now, and I continue to enjoy every minute of it. My graphic design career started out simply as a customer service position for a small, family-owned print broker. I used to watch over the shoulder of our typesetter as she corrected addresses on letterheads and forms on an old beige Mac. I was intrigued by the process, and amazed when I saw the actual printed pieces show up the next week! So during lunches and breaks I taught myself how to use the Mac, how to use PageMaker and Quark, and before I knew it I was learning to be a designer. After I had acquired significant skills on my own, I then went to school to make it official. I was able to get my certificate in graphic design as well as an associates, all with a 4.0 average (which I am very proud of!)
I now have the privilege of working on publications such as the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl souvenir magazines for the NFL, and the US Open program for the USTA. I am working on developing my freelance business, and excited about what opportunities will present themselves in the future. Mac is the ONLY way to go, and I still prefer Quark over InDesign. Photoshop is also one of my favorite programs. You'll find me at any Photoshop World that comes to the New England area. Keep designing happy!"
[END QUOTE] Christina is a design professional from Billerica, Massachusetts

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