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Have you submitted your portfolio yet? Our Designing Women feature happens each year in March and April, in honor of Women's History Month! We invite your comments


... this month's designers show their talents

These are selected discoveries from the submissions of DTG readers, and participants in the Design Cafe Forums. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did...

Susan Kare
We care about Susan Kare

      "Sometimes called the Betsy Ross of the personal computer, Ms. Kare did path-breaking work on the original Macintosh."

      Susan Kare has set the world standard for simple, elegant, friendly graphic user interfaces.

Why do we care? Susan Kare is a digital designer in San Francisco, California who's work has touched literally dozens of millions of computer users. Yup, that's where those little things called "icons" come from -- well, at least that's basically where they started. But according to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Susan Kare is "a pioneering and influential computer iconographer -- her icons communicate their function immediately and memorably, with wit and style."
She began her career at Apple, Inc. and the rest is history.
Susan Kare designer of icons

Karen D'Amico
European influence: Karen D'Amico

18 years of experience in the design and print industry, Karen is keenly tuned to print-based materials, file handling, preparation and pre-press. She's designed, artworked and produced various elements ranging from brochures, newsletters, catalogues and books to invitations, CD / DVD artwork and questionnaire forms. Karen writes:
      Being a freelancer gives me the flexibility to work in a variety of ways to suit each client and their budget; I can work on-site or off, at a fixed price or for an hourly rate, depending on the needs of the project.
Susan Kare designer of icons Karen D'Amico's
Designing Women Read Bill Ives' account of Karen London Graphic Designer and Artist – Karen D'Amico

Jennifer Duarte
Jennifer is well rounded in Silicon Valley

Jennifer Duarte has been a professional graphic designer since 1999, providing her clients in San Francisco, southern California and Washington D.C. with some solid layout and design. Many of her logos are very nice -- she's quite well rounded, equally able to go from an editorial photo layout spread to children's book illustrations! She's got a BFA from Tufts, and a Master's George Washington University in Washington, D.C.. And if that doesn't just about cover it, I don't know what will! Jennifer Duarte's offices are based in Silicon Valley in California.
Jennifer Duarte

Allison Foltz Milmoe
Allison is distinctly dexterous with typography

WOW... editorial design like the masters! With only 13 years of experience in editorial and magazine design work, to play like the big boys is quite an accomplishment! Allison Foltz Milmoe has worked on a wide range of subjects (as you can see) from news, sports, health, fashion, finance, to lifestyle. But she also does newsletters, brochures, direct mail, collateral, and identities. What called our attention to Allison was her distinct manner with headline type and typographic layouts. Great work -- of course with a three-year stint in editorial production at Hearst Magazines, how could she miss! Her list of honors is impressive : Folio Awards: First Place for Best Feature Design, 2007 ; Society of Publication Designers: Merit Award, 2006 ; Art Directors Club of Metropolitan Washington, Annual Show, 2005 ; American Graphic Design Awards, 2005, 2004, 2003 ; Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, 2003 ... I think you get the picture
Allison Foltz Milmoe

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