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February: I Love Design & Valentines

This month's winners were challenged to write a short blurb on "Why I love Design" or "Favorite Designs of Valentine's" ... they WIN PRIZES for their insightful comments...

The ability to transport the audience

Marty writes:
      "My favorite aspect of design, good design, is it's ability to take you away. When you see really good design, or what the viewer perceives as good design, it transports you away, whether it's another time, place or fond memory. Seeing a really cool retro piece can reawaken a memory from your childhood, an oil painting of a beautiful girl sitting in a barely lit room can take you to that secret torid romance you never had, a watercolor of an ocean crashing on the beach can wash away the cold New York winters. The ability to transport the audience, that's my favorite aspect of design."
[END QUOTE] Marty wins the fabulous INDIE FONTS BOOK with CD Fonts... Marty is an Illustrator from Wappingers Falls, NY Marty

Business cards for lovers...

Diana writes:
      "I'm a huge fan of business cards, and am always looking for innovative design or usage ideas to share with my subscribers and website visitors. Several clever modifications can be made of the children's Valentines that are sold nearly everywhere this time of year. The simplest is to simply put typical business card information (using a stamp or self-adhesive label) on the back of those cards and send them to prospects or customers. Look for fun messages on the cards, or characters that can tie in with your industry. You could go a little further and cut a business-card-sized shape OUT of the card, put your contact info on the back of that piece, and mail BOTH to prospects. Include a note about the "hole" in their business that you can fill with your product or service. Going further yet would be to design and print an original card using this theme... perhaps using children's artwork, or artwork of a local artist as the Valentine-related image. You can simply write "We'd love to have your business in 2004!" on the back of each card. "
[END QUOTE] Diana wins the Branding Yourself Online book by Bob Baker ... Diana is a Desktop Publishing professional from Columbia, MO USA

Love Vintage Designs

Debbie writes:
      "I love any February/Valentine designs because they are sure to be bright, engaging and cheery. I especially love vintage designs--they have such a whimsical quality to them."
[END QUOTE] Debbie requested a book on print design so she wins Roger Parker's latest Looking Good in Print ... Debbie is in Business from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA Davinci

Good design for effective communication

Ryan writes:
      "While the message behind any communication is obviously the end-goal, many don't realize that the form or manner in which that message is framed can not only get people to look at it but can greatly affect how people interpret it. In fact, design and writing go hand-in-hand and good writing without design will often fail. Similarly, while good design is a prerequisite for effective communication, great design can actually enhance the message. "
[END QUOTE] Ryan wins the InDesign for Quark XPress Users book by David Blatner. Ryan is a Design professional from Columbia, Missouri, U.S.

Puffy hearts and flowers...

Shelly writes:
      "The puffy hearts of Valentine's Day are just right to spread messages whether it be for personal reasons, advertising or just plain business. One of the greatest promotion revolving Valentines day involved sending out cards with large hearts that had somehow had seeds impregnated in them. Months later when planted, everyone had little patches flowers in the shape of hearts. Everytime I saw one of those little patches of flowers, I thought of the company which sent them out. "
[END QUOTE] Shelly is in Business in Monticello, New York

Provoking Emotion

Jackie writes:
      "I love designing because the sum of the whole is greater than the parts - design pulls together disparate elements into a cohesive presentation that says more than any one says by itself. The interplay between colour, layout, graphics and text evokes a complete thought that, at its best, provokes emotion in the viewer. "
[END QUOTE] Jackie is an Educator from Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

Design plus passion equals fireworks

Laura writes:
      "Being a great designer is like being a great lover. You've got to have good technique, pay attention to the details, listen to your partners needs, incorporate elements of fantasy, take it out of the bedroom and be willing to experiment. Combine this with PASSION you've got serious fireworks."
[END QUOTE] Laura is a Design professional from Charlottetown, PEI, Canada

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