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May: Creativity & Creative Ideas

MAY is, of course the month to celebrate Mothers's day and the coming of spring for most people in the northern hemisphere. However, did you know it's also "Creative Beginnings Month" when you should tap into your creative side! Write a poem, paint a painting, do something to discover just how creative you are.
      During April, DTG readers were asked to relate tips, stories and antidotes about how they get creative ideas. They've provided us with the following insightful suggestions... we love them all!
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Todd suggests books...

Todd writes:
      "I start the creative process by exploring what is already out there. I then try to think of a better solution to the problem at hand. I would suggest two books, "Graphically Speaking" by Lisa Buchanan (HOW Design Books) and "The Pantone Guide To Communicating with Color" by Leatrice Eiseman (Graphix Press). These books provide a great reference to what moods or emotions are associated with specific color schemes and also typographic selections. The right font and color pallette can make or break the project at hand. "
[END QUOTE] Todd is a design professional from Knoxville, TN, US

Mary suggests an "Inspiration File"

Mary writes:
      "I keep an "inspiration file" at my desk with things i pick up from different places. it has everything from PRINT magazine, Communication Arts magazine and REAL SIMPLE magazine to direct mail pieces and brochures. some things i keep for the layout, color combinations, font use, etc. whenever i am stuck it always helps me to flip through there and get some great ideas to get started!
I use a mac (OS X) and my favorite software programs are Quark and Illustrator."
[END QUOTE] Mary is a design professional from Frankfort, KY, US

Got a thought? Jot it down.

Elle writes:
      " I find the best resource for finding creative sparks by keeping a notebook next to the bed and writing down whatever I remember of my dreams when I wake up. I get some wildly vivid, surreal and unusual stuff that really gets my imagination wheels turning. Also, talking to young children and listening to them explain the world leads to some very creative imaginings.
I use a pc with windows Xp and love my Printmaster 16 software"
[END QUOTE] Elle is a Graphic Designer from Ingleside IL US

Inspiration from the Internet

Krista writes:
      "When I need inspiration I go to my Macintosh and surf the internet and look at other designer's sites. I see good work and it inspires me to come up with new and creative ideas. I also have very talented graphic design students at the college I teach at. Sometimes their ideas and work really impresses me. Other times when I need inspiration I just go into Adobe Illustrator and draw some layouts.
I think Illustrator is my favorite software because it is so much like traditional drawing. "
[END QUOTE] Krista is in Education, Training and Teaching from Hebron, KY, US

Creative Quilts leads to Creative Ideas

Becky writes:
      "When I need ideas for new artwork, I peruse my old sketchbooks for ideas that I have collected over time. I cut out pictures from old magazines, junkmail, etc and add them to sketchbooks - pictures of rugs for patterns, etc. When I need some spark, I revisit all those old ideas in a new unit of time. I can always come up with something to try. My favorite books for ideas are creative quilting books - they have fantastic designs and great color schemes. Whether I'm stitching or doing paper arts, I can always find great ideas and colors to play with."
[END QUOTE] Becky is in Education, Training and Teaching from Eagle, Idaho USA

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