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March: How Designers Sell

... what tricks do they use

During February we invited readers of the Design Cafe list and DTG to write in and relate a comment or suggestion about design techniques they use to sell their client's message... here's what just a few of them had to say:

Everything aimed at selling...

Heather writes:
      "My life's purpose is to design to sell! I sit at my Macintosh, open my favorite program, Photoshop 7.0, and let my mind go crazy. (Which doesn't usually take very long). Here are my thoughts on designing to sell.
NOTE: Heather's piece was so long we decided to move it to its own page! "
[END QUOTE] Heather is a design professional from Tampa, Florida, United States of America See Heather's full letter

Selling the idea that Design Sells

Vincent writes:
      "Currently, I feel that I have one of the greatest challenges out there. I have to convince others in my company that Design sells before I can even begin selling with Design.
    Ideally, it's such an integral part in the whole equation of the Customer Experience that it can't be overlooked. You read articles today that prominently tell you that design sells. But sometimes, design is so un-measurable, how do you eventually put a dollar amount on it?
    The great challenge is, how do you convince someone that spending X dollars on design will ultimately create X dollars more revenue? I always get, "if it's not broke, why fix it?"
    We all know Design sells. But much like many people out there, I have to sell the idea that Design sells first, before I can even start selling with Design. Please tell me I'm not alone.
    Platform is PC (Yuk, all i have at work) | Fav Software is Adobe Photoshop.
[Editor's Note: AMEN! Vincent, you are definitely not alone! ]"
[END QUOTE] Vincent is a web design professional from Houston, TX, USA

Never forget your client!

Beth writes:
      "The absolute most important things you can possibly do when designing to sell are be accurate and never forget your client. Putting wrong or inaccurate information (don't put the full burden of catching errors on the client; proofread things for yourself first!) can make the entire ad, no matter how attractive, useless. Just as dangerous is designing something beautiful and eye-catching that completely misses the feeling and point your client wants to convey. It only makes things frustrating for you (you're going to have to start from scratch) and your client (who has to wait for a whole new design)."
[END QUOTE] Beth is a design professional from Denton, Texas, USA

Kids and Pets

Rachel writes:
      "Put an cute animal picture on your ad/direct mail. You will get more responds because lots of people are attract to those type of images. Especially to Kids and parents. It's a good eye stoper."
[END QUOTE] Rachel is a design professional from Jenkintown, PA, USA.


Daniella writes:
      "Headlines! Pull them in with the offer, or the purpose of the ad. In Bold type, big size, or color to grab attention. Do not abbreviate too many words, as it mostly becomes incomprehensible. Using words creaticvely in an interesting way will also get more attention to your ad. You can tickle someone's curiosity with odd language / word sequencing.
    You only have a few seconds before they turn the page or click, so big is usually good. I don't recomend cramping your ads with too many details. People want the facts fast, and if you manage to superglue their eyeballs to your ad, a call for more information should hopefuly follow.
    Platform : Mac osX Software: Photoshop"
[END QUOTE] Daniella is a computer user from Australia, NSW, Sydney

K - I - S - S

David writes:
      "One of the things i truly believe in and keep in mind when i begin to design is KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. This may seem like an overused and outdated acronym, but the philsophy is simple and best of all it works.
    I an currently using a Mac G5 desktop computer with OSX and the software programs I use regularly are the adobe creative suite as well as Macromedia Director Suite."
[END QUOTE] David is a design professional from portland, or, usa

Be friendly, show you are different

Sue writes:
      "What I want to convey with our site are two goals.
1. We're friendly and welcoming.
2. We're different from other U-Pick farms.
I would like the visitors to our site want to visit our farm instead of any of the other U-Pick farms. I'd like them to be instantly inspired that we're worth the 20 to 30 minute drive from the city and also to relate that it's easy to make an enjoyable day trip "out to the country" with our adjacent town's facilities. We're a 3 minute drive from outdoor swimming, parks, ice cream stands, "home cooked" fast food. My ultimate goal is to inspire "Mom surfing the Web" to want to plan a family day out to our farm and community. I need lots of help LOL
    WindowsXP, Paint Shop Pro v9 "
[END QUOTE] Sue is a computer user from Stonewall, Manitoba, Canada

Impact Typography

Naina writes:
      "Whatever Lettering or Typography that I use is for "impact" - if the elements we use in the design can make an impact - it will hold the visitor long enough to the page / brochure / photograph to actually deliver it's message.
    Another thing that I do is use color effectively - there are certain colors and various saturation levels that hold the eye - every person likes to look at something colorful - the art is not overdoing it. If it is overdone it just becomes pot pourri and there is no impact - again the keyword is "impact"
    - certain color combinations really hit home and color theory - the emotions that color evoke really does work. Just one color with a great font/lettering - with only the necessary amount of detail makes the message "saleable".
    After all if the visitor or person watching the design does not stay long enough to read or grasp what the design says - there is no way that a sale is going to be made. Clarity and impact are rules I swear by - although tough to always produce the same - striving for them in itself is an achievement. :D
    I use Windows XP on a Laptop and my favorite software is without doubt Adobe Photoshop CS."
[END QUOTE] Naina is a self employed freelancer from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

And, that about wraps it up for this month. See'ya next month.

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