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August: The Electric Web

... bizarre, weird, cool and inbetween

This month, DTG readers and subscribers of the Design Cafe share web links to the most bizarre, weird, funny, cool, outrageous, excellent, horrible web sites they've seen. It was another kick-butt month, with so many entries it was difficult trimming them to this page!
We thank them all for their contributions...

The Zoom Quilt

Franklin writes:
      "This one and the next one, the "The Amazing Falling woman," are the the best of the bunch! The Zoom Quilt is a spectacular piece of work that reminds me of the leading-edge "Rabbit Hole" which mezzmorized everyone with its incredible intracacies at the dawn of the Mac. The Zoom Quilt will amaze you. Follow it to the end... if you can. "
[END QUOTE] Franklin is a Desktop Publishing professional from Dallas Texas, USA

The Amazing Falling woman

Paul writes:
      "This is a very hypnotic falling woman who hits, bounces off, falls off large round floating objects. You can control some of her fall with your mouse. Her arms legs head and torso appear to have the joints severely damaged so they flop around in a very disturbing manner. (My computer platform is PC, and I work with Photoshop ) "
[END QUOTE] Paul is a photographer from New York City, New York state

Requiem for a Dream

Linda writes:
      "The Requiem for a Dream website is most definitely electric and visually compelling to even the most casual visitor. You have no idea what's going on from the beginning. What are you looking for? What do you see? Despite the perplexity you are lulled to click! Clearly some kind of organized chaos, subliminally educating unsuspecting visitors. I work on a PC platform, love Adobe InDesign, and wouldn't mind those Design-Bookshelf donations!"
[END QUOTE] Linda design professional from Pasadena, CA, USA

Two for Design

Sandy writes:
      "A great website I visit often that I would vote for most "Striking Colors and Design" would have to be Desco Custom Builder's website found at The reason?
1-simplicity, direct and to the point. The site is about a custom builder and million dollar homes, you want to see more, to get inside these great homes.
2-design and color combinations enhance the houses being sold as well as the gallery of photos - all indicitive of the builder's brand.
3-content of the gallery. One of the things the web does that goes beyond the written word is to bring images of whatever you may be looking for to life.
      The gallery of Desco's site gives an amazing look at everything from sinks to reading rooms, bringing the user right into the home...mission accomplished! I would also like to cast my vote for "Most Unique Implementation" for the movie site for Crash, you can find the interactive site at
      I found the website to be moving, very reflective of the movie and inspires you to stop and think about your own values in several given scenerios - all of course while marketing a product. Smart and a great example of the new wave a interactive sites out there.
      A website that has the ability to pull me in with great visuals is what I am always looking for, one that plays upon my senses with color and good design (even appropriate music), yet compliments and support the message it is intended for. This is the same approach I take in designing, to extend the brand in a unique and creative way that will wow the end user.
      To do this I consistently use my favorite software - Adobe Creative Suite on my graphic-ready, double hard drive, tons of RAM and storage with 21 inch screen PC! The only other thing I need in place is my own creativity and vision!"
[END QUOTE] Sandy is a professional in business from Plano, Texas

Hillman Curtis

dudi writes:
      "This is probably the leading edge of the leading edge design and development, the Hillman Curtis web site. Take a look at the work for Cartier... And the thing about Hillman, is he was doing it before it was really well known. See his 2000 "millennium" ad. These were at: But poke around his entire site. Well worth the time."
[END QUOTE] dudi is a Design professional from Bandung, West java, Indonesia

Fish Marketing

Stacie writes:
      "I think the site for Fish Marketing (located in South Bend, Indiana) is great! It's easy to follow and not overly complicated. Plus, I love the fish at the top and the entire fish market design. The play on the owner's name (Ryan Fish) and the tie into the concept of a fish market for Fish Marketing is ingenius! Check it out at"
[END QUOTE] Stacie desktop publishing professional from South Bend, Indiana

Too many to list...

Larry writes:
      "Dear Fred, I searched for "weird web sites" on the web and came up with about ten thousand! I picked several that surely are unique and "electric" ... whether or not they fit the criteria is for you to decide:
* Borgstrom Fu#@ing CRAZY, That's all I have to say.
* Zen: ... some of the most unique rollovers I've ever seen
* Acid Trip... I'm not from the '60s, but is this what it looks like?
* Buffo, the world's strongest clown. -- Go away!
* And The most weird one of all times is the "Head Shop" ... it's the world's only head storage facility.
      I've got to go. I can't waste my time on this contest..."
[END QUOTE] Larry is a Design professional from Teaneck, NJ, USA

Bleeding Edge

Mark writes:
      "By "electric" I assume you mean "bleeding edge" ... there are thousands of them out there but most are really flat. After the flashy stuff is over they're just boring. My candidate would be: the "Subliminal Influence" site... cool but no content."
[END QUOTE] Mark is incomputer user from Lincoln, Nebraska, USA Davinci


Arjun writes:
      "Of course Nike is always right on the edge with their design and marketing. Try this site and follow as the panels unfold to reveal the content and selections. Very slick. I best liked the "women" area."
[END QUOTE] Arjun is a design professional from Delhi city, Delhi State, India

Painted Baseball

Manu writes:
      "As this couple would surely testify, nothing enhances a marriage like spending 28 years applying 18,655 coats of paint to a baseball. Truly, a life well lived. Better watch out, this site has pop-ups. See Picture See:"
[END QUOTE] Manu is a design professional from Cherthala Kerala India

Are you Chill'in?

Robert writes:
      "How about a site dedicated to showing you the world "Chill" ... the voice when you arrive there tells you that it's almost as important as entire TV networks dedicated to weather. (And guess who sponsors it? Coca Cola of course.)"
[END QUOTE] Robert is a computer user from Corona, CA USA

Get Poor Quick

Gene writes:
      "I found this one on the "Weird and Bizarre Auctions " site, and it's hilarious... [Quote] Get Poor Quick
      I offer the number one guarantee in existence. I developed this extraordinary system for myself several years ago. By following my unique and completely documented method of losing cash, I will personally guide you to losing over $75,000 per month. View Get Poor Quick Auction [End Quote] "
[END QUOTE] Gene is a Web Design professional from Pittsburgh, PA

Are you into dancing?

Rebecca writes:
      "Here's one that is very strange. Not that I don't like to dance, but why waste so much time making this page??? I don't understand . . . Dance, Dance, Dance"
[END QUOTE] Rebecca is a computer user from Cleveland, Ohio

The weirdest of them all

Elena writes:
      "I have no idea why I found this site... it's almost as if it were waiting for me to discover it so I could submit it to your site contest. I've never entered before but if this is not the weirdest one I'll be waiting to see what you come up with. Be patient. It takes a while. "
[END QUOTE] Elena is a design professional from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The "Ask Sid" site

Merrium writes:
      "This site combines both innovative programming, talent and a bit of wit to invite YOU to "ASK SID" and be on the "Sid Answer Show" ... I call it entertaining, funny AND electric. Just go "Ask Sid" "
[END QUOTE] Merrium is a computer user from NY, United States

License Plates of the World

Chris writes:
      "Dear Fred, probably one of the most UGLY sites still on the web, yet probably one of the most interesting is "License Plates of the World" ... what do you think? Does that win a prize? "
[END QUOTE] Chris is a Desktop Publishing professional from South Australia, Au


William writes:
      "You'll love the best toys never invented. Is this stupid or what? But seriously. Spend some time there investigating the various buttons and where they lead. Hmmmmmmm. This person really doesn't have a a life."
[END QUOTE] William is a Design professional from Milwaukee, WI USA

Google Earth

Bob writes:
      "Not particularly thrilling, however extremely cool and what I consider to be a superb example of technology meets the consumer. Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to bring you location information. I loved seeing my house and the lake from space. They also have several different "ways" you can view the geographic information. I could spend hours here. Google Earth "
[END QUOTE] Bob is a design professional from Edgware, Middlesex, UK

Why Control the World

Shelly writes:
      "HA ! What a question... so how about a web site that explains "Why Control the World" ... even the site admits: "WHY NOT !? It's weird. It's one of the most bizarre web sites you'll visit !" Try it... "
[END QUOTE] Shelly is a Web Design professional from Greymouth, Westland New Zealand

Don't do it

Jacie writes:
      "This one is about the opposite of "electric" but just the same it's a really funny time -- remember when your mom used to say "Don't play with that, you'll poke your eye out!" ? Well, this site lists all those "don't" things you should know better not to do. A Stupid Person's Guide To Life"
[END QUOTE] Jacie is an Illustrator from London, Ontario, Canada


Volodymyr writes:
      "This is what I consider electric... "Balls" - it's an art "happening" ... you'll want to explore a lot but first begin with this balls thing. Click on the balls and watch stuff happen. Bizarre? You bet'cha."
[END QUOTE] Volodymyr is a computer user from Mariupol, Donetsk region, Ukraine

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