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Gallery Show: Lettering as Image ~ Image as Lettering

Harolds GalleryOn the evening of Thursday April 6, LA's design glitteratti pursued by persistent paparazzi turned out in fine form to celebrate the opening of a very special exhibition that some thought would never take place.

In a grand celebration that saw a print shop transformed into a sparkling disco, hundreds gathered to greet colleagues, view a celebrated collection of lettering and typographic design spanning 25+ years and 2500+ miles and meet West Coast designers Michael Doret, Tom Nikosey and Peter Greco and East Coast designers Gerard Huerta, Daniel Pelavin and Tom White.

The idea came from Peter, a professor of expressive lettering at Art Center and designer of some very well known logos, who approached Harold Huttas, a dedicated collector whose gallery at Insync Media features the work of notable industry leaders.

The concept was to give designers and students alike, the opportunity to view an historically valuable collection of work created during a tumultuous and rapidly evolving period in contemporary design.

The Show Through flurries of emails, and cross country telephone conversations over 150 works miraculously found their way to the same place at the same time. Also included are many of the designers' concept sketches which present a fascinating look into the creative process.
* Slide Show

The show is free to the public
Mondays-Fridays from 9:00 am-5:00 pm Show ends on May 19, 2006
Harold's Gallery at Insync Media
550 N. Oak Street, Inglewood, CA.

Daniel Pelavin

Visit the artists...

* Slide Show from Harold's Gallery
* Michael Doret: a brief converstaion...
* Daniel Pelavin: Creativity with an attitude
* Tom White: defies human ability to induce complexity
* Tom Nikosey: drawing remains the basis of every project
* Gerard Huerta: from old & familiar to extraordinary
* If you're in the LA area, don't miss LETTER AS IMAGE / IMAGE AS LETTER

Take your time and enjoy the incredible sights of the greatest graphic designers in the world.

If you have a favorite web site or business you'd like us to visit, please let us know!

Show highlights

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